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[Savannah-hackers] Fast approaching MUG v.1.0

From: Nick Hill
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Fast approaching MUG v.1.0
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 21:17:24 +0000

I am starting a GNU project called MUG.

This stands for 'MUG's Unlike GNU'

This project will differ from GNU in several ways. 

1) The final useable result of the project will be a rivalrous resource. If
you want to share this resource with a friend, you will be deprived whilst
your friend is using it.

2) The available source code will not, on it's own, be sufficient to
compile a functioning version. Due to the nature of this project, the
libraries this project is compiled against are not in the information
domain. However, When technology is available to convert the libraries into
a format for as easy and free replication on a free system, we shall do so.

3) The final released result will not be easily modified or freely
re-compiled due to the nature of the project. However, technology may, at
some time change this situation.

4) A fee will be charged by GNU for each instance of this project's result.
(This will help raise funds for resources needed by the FSF and

5) Until we have replication technology, we can pinpoint where each
instance of the result of this project have come into existence.

In other ways, it is similar to Gnu:
1) The relevant source code, to the greatest extent practicable, will be
made available for general use under a copyleft-type license.

2) The final result will be available from GNU.

3) The project will be practical and reliable.

4) The final result will enhance freedom.

5) This project will take a light-hearted humerous approach. The final
result may make people smile and think.

6) Be particularly hacker-friendly

7) Continues the GNU recursive acronym naming tradition into new fields.

8) Community input will improve successive versions.

I am looking for contributions to this project in the form of source code
(artwork, humour, suggestions) and to have a discussion forum for this

I would like somewhere to host this project. My first thought was to host
it at savannah- 1) The savannah audience would add and receive most value
from this project. 2) The savannah system has the useful functionality.
3) The savannah system will add to the approach of treating this project as
software to illustrate how _different_ software is from hard objects.

However, certain conditions on the savannah remit seem to preclude
inclusion. I would like input on how the savannah system may host this



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