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[Savannah-hackers] Re: [Savannah-dev] what's going on with Savannah?

From: Alex Lancaster
Subject: [Savannah-hackers] Re: [Savannah-dev] what's going on with Savannah?
Date: 18 May 2004 01:38:28 -0700

>>>>> "VC" == Vincent Caron  writes:


VC>    As Marcus pointed out, the continuity of Savannah happens on
VC> the 'Savane' project at . The FSF chose to migrate
VC> to GForge (which is not precisely scheduled, but is a firm
VC> decision anyway) because it estimated that Savannah was not
VC> suitable for their needs and/or capacity of security and
VC> maintenance efforts.

VC>    Forges are multiplying, wether GForge or Savannah based, and it
VC> is expected that people will use them for different reasons,
VC> technical, political or whatever. Right now it's quite easy to
VC> move Savane projects around (eg. Savannah -> Gna!), and efforts
VC> are ongoing for a more universal 'project exchange format'
VC> (eg. Savane <-> GForge) : see


Thanks, but specifically do you know what is happening for FSF's *own*
projects, especially Emacs etc?  Right now CVS is down completely (not
sure how long this has been out), so what are emacs developers doing
for example?  Is the plan to keep Savannah around and operating until
GForge is up?  Who is currently doing the Savannah admin in the

It doesn't matter much to me what we do, but it seems some sort of
announcement or road-map should be made (even if it an announcement
that there is no road-map just yet) clarifying the relationship
between Savannah, Gna!, Savane, GForge.  It should be an e-mail that
goes to all project admins (since most of all of them do not subscribe
to savannah-dev, like me).

If somebody like me who is GNU volunteer and actually involved in some
official GNU projects (like Classpath) hasn't got a clue what's going
on, then heaven help somebody who is using for a
random software project.


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