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Neat ideas for "caption always ..."

From: Sami Samhuri
Subject: Neat ideas for "caption always ..."
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 11:49:38 -0700
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First let me say I have to agree with whoever said we probably are all
happy with our screens. How could anyone not be?

Now that I know there _are_ people lurking around I just wanted to see
if anyone has any good ideas for _useful_ info in their "caption always
 ..." line. Obviously, only if you are using it.

Mine displays the hostname, load averages, active screen, screen list,
date and time. It looks like the following, except it's coloured.

(excuse the long lines)

 diavolo -0.01 0.03 0.11-   2 mail | 0 root  1 rp  3 vim  4 web  5 mc  6 www  7 
zsh  8 im  9 zsh        Wed 2004.05.26 11:45 AM

address@hidden ~ % grep '^caption always' .screenrc
caption always "%{wB}-%H %{yB}%l%{wB}-%{kk} %{gB} %n %t %{kb}| %{wb}%W %= %{kk} 
%{wB}-%D %Y.%m.%d %C %A-"

I really mainly wanted the date and time on my screen at all times, but
if I was going to take up a line I may as well fill it with info. The
load averages have grown on me too.

I'll also say that I'm running on a 1024x768 framebuffer console so if
you have 80x25 or something and use lots of screens, it could get
crowded fast.

Sami Samhuri

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