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RE: Starting screen non-interactively at system startup

From: David Balazic
Subject: RE: Starting screen non-interactively at system startup
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 09:08:49 +0200

> John Davidorff Pell[SMTP:address@hidden wrote :
> Hi all,
> I posted last month [1] but received no response, so I'm posting again.
> Programs inside a screen window inherit different environments 
> depending on whether or not they were started inside screenrc or 
> interactively. In particular, the TERMCAP variable is different, 
> resulting in different (undesirable) behaviour in some applications 
> (emacs).
> I have dumped the environment before starting screen (in a script that 
> does NOT inherit an interactive environment), from screenrc (still not 
> within an interactive environment), and from a new window created after 
> re-attaching interactively.
> As near as I can tell, screen is changing the TERMCAP environment 
> variable based on either 1) screenrc being complete or not, or 2) the 
> TERM setting upon re-attach. As I understand screen, the idea is that 
> screen exports a consistent environment to its children, and then 
> translates to whichever terminal type is currently attached to it, so I 
> believe this behaviour to be a bug.
This idea changed around version 4.0. Now the idea is to present to
a terminal, that is tailored to the actual physical terminal. I am
interested myself
on the official opinion, how this should be handled when you reattach from a
different terminal type.

> Is there a work around? How can I fix this? Feedback is most 
> appreciated!
> JP
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> "To me consensus seems to be: the process of abandoning all beliefs, 
> principles, values, and policies in search of something in which no one 
> believes, but to which no one objects." -- Margaret Thatcher
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