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no more PTY's, screen and ClearCase

From: Mario da Costa
Subject: no more PTY's, screen and ClearCase
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 21:08:32 +0500

i'm currently working on a contract in a company that maintains a linux
farm. the same company also uses clear case for managing their project

i recently downloaded and compiled screen version  4.00.02 (FAU)
5-Dec-03. prior to this, the alread installed verion of screen was:
Screen version 3.09.09 (FAU) 25-May-01

in an xterm, both the older version and the newer version appear to run
without any problems.

however if i set a view in clearcase and then try to invoke screen the
older version works fine, but the newer version gives me the "no more
ptys" error and a few seconds later, the "sorry, could not find a PTY"
before closing.

i've googled, read an online manual, man pages and info pages to try and
sort this out. i've also tinkered with the config.h file before
recompiling screen to try and get the latest version of screen to work
with ClearCase.

unsetting the $TTY/$tty and setting it to /dev/tty0 etc also did not
seem to work.

what bugs me is that the older verion works with ClearCase. since i do
not have root priveledges, the only option i did while installing was:
./configure --prefix=$HOME/linux

i don't know how much it'll help, but in the process of trying to make
this work, i invoked another xterm after setting my view in clear case,
and tried to run screen in the new xterm and i got this error message:
Cannot access '/view/dev/ttyp0': No such file or directory.

i can use screen 3.09.09 at present, but i much rather the latest
version. invoking screen and then starting a clearcase view is possible
but not a viable option as i need to run screen after i set my view in
order to derive the benefits of using screen.

is there anyway to start screen and force it to look in a given path for

since the older version works, is there anyway i can see what the
compile options were so that i can try them with the latest? i was kind
of hoping that screen -v would give a similar output as mutt -v used to.

Thank You,

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