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re: tabbed browsing with screen

From: Simon Pole
Subject: re: tabbed browsing with screen
Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 16:04:21 -0800
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Hi Screen-Users,

Using lynx, I've set up screen to enable tabbed browsing as seen in the Mozilla-Firefox browsers. The way I did it seems a bit clunky, and I wondered if anyone else could see a more elegant way of doing it.

1)  Opening html links from lynx in another window.

I added a call to a shellscript from lynx.cfg like this: %s:TRUE

(where %s is the link to be passed to the shellscript)

The is one line:

screen -X exec screen -t "$*" lynx "$*"

(Lynx must be compiled with the use externals flag. The "." character is then used to open the highlighted link in a new window.)

2) Text links

To enable tabbed browsing of non-html links, I first created the source file "turltrig.scr" with these commands:


The script was this:

U=$(cat /tmp/screen-exchange)
screen -t $U lynx $U

Then a new binding in screenrc to execute the source file:

bind ^t source turltrig.scr

The following process then opens text links in a new window:

1) Enter copy mode and highlight link to be opened.
2) ^t to call the source file and write the highlighed link to /tmp/screen-exchange 3) The script then passes the link from the screen-exchange file to lynx in a new window.

Can anyone see a better way of doing this?

Simon Pole

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