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re: tabbed browsing with screen

From: Raymond Page
Subject: re: tabbed browsing with screen
Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2005 21:24:43 -0500 (EST)

Please don't think of screen as a way to make your favorite application tabbable. Your application should inherently support something like that.

For text mode webbrowsing, elinks already provides tabbed browsing.

Raymond Page

On Sat Feb 05 19:04:21 EST 2005, Simon Pole <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Screen-Users,

Using lynx, I've set up screen to enable tabbed browsing as seen in the Mozilla-Firefox browsers. The way I did it seems a bit clunky, and I wondered if anyone else could see a more elegant way of doing it.

1)  Opening html links from lynx in another window.

I added a call to a shellscript from lynx.cfg like this: %s:TRUE

(where %s is the link to be passed to the shellscript)

The is one line:

screen -X exec screen -t "$*" lynx "$*"

(Lynx must be compiled with the use externals flag. The "." character is then used to open the highlighted link in a new window.)

2) Text links

To enable tabbed browsing of non-html links, I first created the source file "turltrig.scr" with these commands:


The script was this:

U=$(cat /tmp/screen-exchange)
screen -t $U lynx $U

Then a new binding in screenrc to execute the source file:

bind ^t source turltrig.scr

The following process then opens text links in a new window:

1) Enter copy mode and highlight link to be opened.
2) ^t to call the source file and write the highlighed link to /tmp/screen-exchange 3) The script then passes the link from the screen-exchange file to lynx in a new window.

Can anyone see a better way of doing this?

Simon Pole

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