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Re: shelltitle, window titling

From: Aaron Griffin
Subject: Re: shelltitle, window titling
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 15:37:08 -0500

On 8/25/05, Dan Mahoney, System Admin <address@hidden> wrote:
> What does your script do?

Nothing much... it's mainly a script so I can add custom things to it
later (exactly like you're looking for).  Right now, it get's the
current directory (replacing $HOME with "~" to make it simpler), if
the length is greater than 20, substrings the dir from 1 to 17, then
adds "..." to the end.

After the formatting, it simply calls "screen -X title $dir"... this
works perfectly for moving around the prompt...

I was debating simply aliasing vim like:
alias vim="screen -X vim ; vim" or something to that effect...

> Well, looking at ps, it's pretty easy to figure out what the last argument
> is to a given command (nine times out of ten, that's going to be all that
> matters -- ssh -1 -l danm hostname, nano -w filename...)  I just don't
> know how to pass that to screen, or how screen even "gets" the command by
> that sequence of escapes in the shell.

Right, but the problem with that is how do you get the current process
while it's still running and hasn't yet returned to prompt... I'd
rather not alias every little app I want to customize so I can get the
pid of it and snag the output of ps and set the screen title.

> And is this "zsh" person on the list?

Nope, trying to get ahold of him... no one's seen him all day 8(

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