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Re: Screen window closes on application exit

From: Paul Hoffman
Subject: Re: Screen window closes on application exit
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 16:24:12 -0400
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On Fri, Jan 26, 2007 at 02:15:49AM -0800, frayja wrote:

> I am using screen to start a number of windows in parallel. By calling
> 'screen -c script' the file 'script' is loaded and this file contains lines
> like: 
> screen -t tab1 program1
> screen -t tab2 program2
> screen -t tab3 program3
> This way a screen session is started and all programs are started and run in
> parallel. However, when one of these programs exit, this window is
> automatically closed. Because of this I am unable to view the output of the
> program.
> Question:
> Is there a way to tell screen NOT to close the window once a program exits?
> Or perhaps a trick that I can achieve the same result?

Look under "zombie" in the manpage:

: zombie [keys]
: defzombie [keys]
: Per  default screen windows are removed from the window list as soon as
: the windows process (e.g. shell) exits. When a string of  two  keys  is
: specified  to  the  zombie  command,  `dead' windows will remain in the
: list.  The kill command may be used to remove such a  window.  Pressing
: the first key in the dead window has the same effect. When pressing the
: second key, screen will attempt to resurrect the  window.  The  process
: that  was initially running in the window will be launched again. Call-
: ing zombie without parameters will clear the zombie setting, thus  mak-
: ing windows disappear when their process exits.
: As  the  zombie-setting  is  manipulated globally for all windows, this
: command should only be called defzombie. Until we need this  as  a  per
: window setting, the commands zombie and defzombie are synonymous.

For example, "zombie dr" makes it so the window won't close until you
press "d" -- or, if you press "r", screen will attempt to re-run the
program that was exiting.

> Regards,
> Frayja



Paul Hoffman <address@hidden>

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