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Setuid screen and ulimit

From: Johan Marcusson
Subject: Setuid screen and ulimit
Date: Mon, 14 May 2007 22:43:41 +0200


I'm hosting a small shellhost, and since changing the screen binary to
suid I've been getting some problems. Users trying to resume their
screens get this error message: "setreuid Resource temporarily
I think it's because the users have quite restrictive ulimits (max 25 or
50 user processes), and when screen changes uid to root, the ulimits are
transfered and therefore no more than 25 or 50 screens can be resumed.
Am I on the right track? Or is it something else that's causing this?
How do I solve this problem (preferrably without removing the ulimits
for users)? Can I somehow make screen set it's own ulimits after the uid
change is completed?

Regards, Johan Marcusson

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