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Re: how do I bind Super- and Meta- ?

From: Micah Cowan
Subject: Re: how do I bind Super- and Meta- ?
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2007 11:36:57 -0700
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Miernik wrote:
> How can I bind Super- (mod4) or Meta- (mod3) to some function in GNU
> screen?

I'm pretty sure you can't. I don't think any terminals actually send
anything for those modifiers. Shift, Control, and Alt all work by
modifying the base ASCII code value they send (for regular keys);
conversely in the case of Alt, it might instead precede the value with
an escape (033). the Meta key, which you've indicated is separate from
Alt, may do the same thing as Alt anyway in your terminal: or it might
set the high bit ("A" 0x4A -> 0xCA) where Alt uses escape. I think
you're SOL with Super-, though, unless you're using a terminal that
somehow allows you to send arbitrary escape sequences for arbitrary
keycodes (I don't know of any terminals that do this).

At any rate, you can see what your terminal sends for those modifiers,
by running the "cat" program, and trying them out. Run "cat", and try
things like Super-a or Meta-a, etc. On my terminal, Super doesn't do
anything at all (and I don't have a separate Meta key).

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