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GSoC project (screen - embedded scripting support)

From: Ivo
Subject: GSoC project (screen - embedded scripting support)
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 02:22:50 +0200


I am interested in applying for GSoC, and I like the idea of scripting support in screen. I am thinking about Perl support, mainly because I know the language a little bit, but I am open to change it to lua, Python, if one of these is more interesting for screen users. I have some examples of what I want from script to do, like executing commands in specified windows, handle with monitored windows, creating/switching regions and so on. I want to ask you, if there is something about scripting, you want to be done (some ideas, what the interface between screen and scipting language should handle), please let me know. Thanks,  

Ivo Kovac

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