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Disable auto resize/fit.

From: steven feil
Subject: Disable auto resize/fit.
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2015 09:02:58 -0800

Is there a way to get gnu screen server to disable auto resize/fit?

When admining a system from multiple locations, I will use "screen
-x".  I recently built a script that will a detached server in the
background, then create multiple windows, and start programs within
each window of the server.

The problem I have is, sometimes I access the server from more than
one computer, and sometimes, not all of those computers have exactly
the same terminal geometry.  As it happens, gnu screen will
automatically fit the window to match the first/only terminal attached
to it.  This becomes a problem when a larger terminal attaches to a
screen first, then later a second smaller terminal to the same window.
The second terminal can not "see" everything that the first terminal
can "see" Rather than constantly changing sizes, I would rather pick
one size and stick with it. Naturally, I pick a size that is small
enough so that it will fit inside all terminals such as 80X25.

I can use the script to set the initial size of each window to 80X25,
but once I attach a client screen, gnu screen will resize the window
to match even though I don't want it to. That is why I want to disable
auto fit/resize.

I did come up with a kludge solution, where I built a script to create
two instances of the screen server. One server is the one that I
attach to from an ssh/pts terminal. The other server is what I call a
"shadow" screen server. The "shadow server" has the same number of
screens in it as the useful server. The script works to create a
running client program for every window in the useful server. Then the
script attaches a client to each and every running window in the
useful server. Because the "shadow client" connects first, it has
precedence.  No other attached screen client will override the
geometry of the shadow client, thus it acts like a window that can not
be resized.  Although the does work I would rather have a solution
that is not a kludge and does not wast system resources in this way.

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