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Re: Disable auto resize/fit.

From: luteijn
Subject: Re: Disable auto resize/fit.
Date: Fri, 03 Jul 2015 09:10:35 +0200
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Is there a way to get gnu screen server to disable auto resize/fit?

Here's two bits form the manual that I think might combine to give a solution, for both options, don't look (too much) at the primary function, but look at the second sentence which gives more information about the inner workings of screen:

-A Adapt the sizes of all windows to the size of the current terminal. By default, screen tries to restore its old window sizes when attaching to resizable terminals (those with "WS" in its description, e.g. suncmd or some xterm).

-O selects a more optimal output mode for your terminal rather than true VT100 emulation (only affects auto-margin terminals without `LP'). This can also be set in your .screenrc by specifying `OP' in a "termcap" command.

I guess you're looking for a kind of +A option that would explicitly prevent size adaptation even when you're the only attaching terminal. Until this is added as a feature, maybe this can be achieved by specifying `WS' in a broad termcap command ( termcap * WS ) in your .screenrc to trigger screen to try and restore the old window sizes when you attach your (now flagged as 'resizeable, even if they might not really be) big terminal first/only.

Alternatively, you could just always use the -A (or just when attaching a small/narrow terminal) so the most recent connection defines the size, instead of the oldest.


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