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[Simulavr-devel] Use of Python in simulavrxx

From: Knut Schwichtenberg
Subject: [Simulavr-devel] Use of Python in simulavrxx
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 22:37:33 +0100
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in an off-list discussion with Joel he asked me about about the use of Python. My opinion is, we should drop it. To run the examples always gui.tcl is necessary which means we need TCL for the GUI. Klaus' basic examples always used TCL for checkdebug. So, does anyone sees a reason to keep the Python interface alive?

If there are no reasons to keep the Python-IF alive we should stick on TCL as the one and only interpreter. The SWIG-configuration needs to be modified accordingly and checkdebug.tcl should be the only files to be supported.


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