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[Texmacs-dev] Why I hate TexMacs

From: Eli Osherovich
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] Why I hate TexMacs
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 10:50:08 +0300
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Well, the subject is a little bit provocative, but, this will probably help to 
draw your attention. 

I use TexMacs for short notes that have to contain a lot of math. However, 
recently, I decided to give a chance and to use it for something more 
serious. It took about a week to prepare a text and illustrations and to put 
all together in a document. BUT... (here comes the greatest surprise) the 
effort was absolutely a waste of time, simply because I could not share it 
with images (is eps format). WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT. 

It is something funny to read a hot discussion on how to compile it under 
MacOS or any other OS. WHY DO YOU WANT IT???????

All those people probably do not know that the tool they try to port simply is 
not worth it. 

Do you want to waste your time on an editor that has the following "features"

1. Costant problems with speller (cannot connect to ispell...)
2. Has no ability to change an environment (say, you want to change equation 
to eqnarray or vice versa)
3. Cannot print or export to PDF any high quality images.
4. Export to latex is broken (try to compile a generic style document)
5. And many many others....

Actually I like TexMacs for it's ease of use and very good bindings, 
unfortunately is can be used only for toy-problems. And developers are not 
interested in any change. They would rather discuss months a new icon sets or 
crap like that.

If you want some predictable results use plain LaTeX or try LyX if you need 
some visualization capabilities while you write.

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