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Re: [Texmacs-dev] qt-texmacs not displaying documents well in ubuntu 9.1

From: Gubinelli Massimiliano
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] qt-texmacs not displaying documents well in ubuntu 9.10
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 15:34:56 +0100


On 3 nov. 09, at 15:05, Philippe Joyez wrote:

Hi all,

I have tried Texmacs, and I really love the equation editor - the absolute best I've used so far. However, I am really annoyed by some non- standard editing behavior of Texmacs, like not deleting a selection when you type over it. I saw in this list that some patching has been going on in this area, lately. I'm also looking forward to more standard dialog boxes, etc. So, I decided to try compiling the Qt version and see how usable it could be. (Further down I'd like to implement some kind of exporting an equation to svg via the clipboard, in order to be able to use texmacs for making
posters and presentations.)

So I grabbed the svn and compiled it on my ubuntu 9.10 AMD64.
As a result I can launch the program (apparently with no errors, at least on the console), but there is no page on the screen before I actually type something, and then, the width of the page grows with the text I type. I could load a previous document, and all words appear aligned left, one by line on a very narrow page... (most documents generate tons of errors and crash the program, though). I probably miss some crucial dependency, or I'm not using the appropriate version of something, but I can't figure it out
alone, I'm afraid.

the bug you describe keep reappearing and it is probably due to a bad interaction of TeXmacs with the Qt libraries installed in your system.

Could you tell us the version of Qt you are using?

Unfortunately it is still not clear to us if this bug is due to TeXmacs or to Qt. In many installations the Qt version works very well but in some (included the last Qt 4.6 under Mac) we have this very unpleasant bug which keeps reappearing. We planned some efforts to provide within a month or two a beta version of TeXmacs/Qt which should be usable on most systems so we hope to remove this bug in this occasion.

Massimiliano Gubinelli

Can someone kindly point to me instructions for compiling a working
qt-texmacs for linux, please?

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