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Re: [Tlf-devel] Miniterm Missing

From: Ed
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] Miniterm Missing
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 20:16:46 -0400
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Rein Couperus PA0R wrote:
ok, step by step...

echo "test" > /home/ed/gmfsk_autofile should produce a file
gmfsk_autofile in the directory /home/ed/

Yes, it does do this.

if gmfsk is running it will send "test" and kill the file. gMFSK is
ALWAYS looking in your home directory (/home/ed).

Yes, it will also do this.

So you have to tell tlf to output its stuff to '/home/ed/gmfsk_autofile'
with GMFSK=/home/ed/gmfsk_autofile in the logcfg.dat file.

Its there in /home/ed/tlf/test/logcfg.dat. My testing folder.

Try this and see if you can get gMFSK to output some macros.

It does not, as there is no miniterm window. This is the problem, no
miniterm window will open.

Now the input side....

tlf looks at the logfile created by gMFSK, which is called gMFSK.log
(watch the capitalization).
This logfile is normally created in /home/ed. After running gMFSK for a
while you should see a file gMFSK.log in /home/ed. If not, you must
configure gMFSK to produce a logfile.

Its there and the upper/lower case is correct.

If you have the logfile, tell tlf to read it by saying:
DIGIMODEM=/home/ed/gMFSK.log in the logcfg.dat file.

Its there.

Make sure tlf is in digimode (:DIG command)
or start tlf with RTTYMODE in the logcfg.dat file.

Its in the logfg.dat and have also tried :dig within TLF just to be sure

Now start the terminal with the :MIN or :Miniterm command (tlf
only needs the first 3 characters of a command). This only works in
DIG mode.

There is the miniterm opens....I have tried min,
mini,miniterm ,Min,MIN, miniterm window opens. Of course
with the :min.....etc

That should work... (it works here). Hope this helps...

Success and 73,

Rein Pa0R (busy, busy with TLF-1.0, which will be a bit easier to configure).

Can't wait for this....

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