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Re: [Tlf-devel] TLF-1.0.0 released

From: Thomas Beierlein
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] TLF-1.0.0 released
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 22:02:38 +0100

Hi Andy,

Am Sun, 02 Jan 2011 20:52:18 +0000
schrieb Andy Summers <address@hidden>:

> Hi Thomas and Happy New Year to all,
> So far so good on Fedora 14! I was thrilled to see my audio message 
> bugfixes made it into the stable release! I'll see how it goes in an 
> RSGB contest tomorrow.

please let us know how it goes.

> Coincidentally I got a Winkeyer USB for Xmas, but it seems I won't be 
> able to use it without some changes either to TLF or to OK2CQR's
> Winkey USB server (thus far I've had no luck with Rein's original
> perl version). I wonder if anyone has a good solution? I'll try and
> explain the problem...
Congrat.s I will try to get one myself to be able to test how it works.

> I have a TT Orion, which doesn't have separate PTT and key inputs.
> When in CW mode PTT becomes key. Conventionally, RTS would control
> PTT and DTR would be the key. With the Orion you must therefore
> wire-OR the two outputs. The standard arrangement with TLF is to use
> cwdaemon for CW, and this also provides PTT control during phone
> operation. However, cwdaemon also asserts PTT automatically during
> the CW message, so wire-OR-ing just gives you constant key-down for
> the duration of the CW message. I've gotten round this issue by
> hacking cwdaemon so it doesn't automatically assert PTT for a CW
> message.
As far as I could see, cwdaemon does not assert PTT if you set the
PTT-delay to 0 (at least in 0.9.4). Have you tried that for the Winkey
server yet?

> Now I have the Winkey I need the ability to turn-off automatic PTT
> and assert/deassert PTT by the usual cwdaemon command (i.e. <ESC>a1).
> These features haven't been implemented in OK2CQR's Winkey USB server
> yet, but Winkey itself looks like it would support it.

> Alternatively, a possible TLF feature request would be to add an
> option for PTT via hamlib command, which is why I mention all this on
> this reflector.
I fear that will not be possible. The problem is that we need to know
when cwdaemon finishes its keying to know when to turn PTT off. But
we get no feedback from cwdaemon back. I know there is some magic
implemented but that signals only the point when cwdaemon has put all
text into the keying buffer (and not when the last dot has left that

73, de Tom DL1JBE.

"Do what is needful!"
Ursula LeGuin: Earthsea

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