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Re: [Tlf-devel] user update tlf1.1.0

From: Thomas Beierlein
Subject: Re: [Tlf-devel] user update tlf1.1.0
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 07:11:38 +0200

Hi Fred,

thanks for the reports. I will try to look into it next days.

Am Mon, 22 Aug 2011 21:23:53 +0200
schrieb Fred Siegmund <address@hidden>:

> Hi all,
> bug: while generating cabrillo file with succsessive numbering (user
> is asked to insert "#" for that)
> there are only # in the cab file
> bug: segmentation fault while loading a too large MULT file. I tried
> to load a file with all russian RDAs
> for the RDA contest (ca. 13k)
Can you please send me that file and your logcfg.dat by private mail
for testing?

73, de Tom DL1JBE
"Do what is needful!"
Ursula LeGuin: Earthsea

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