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[ToutDoux-list] Re:

From: Censured B. Obedience
Subject: [ToutDoux-list] Re:
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 17:37:17 -0700

V    L    C    V    X
i    e    i    a    a 
a    v    a    l    n 
g    i    l    i    a 
r    t    i    u    x 
a    r    s    m      

happenings such as battles, invasions and space 
and a small door was swinging open and she was gone.
Angelina, my sharpshooting sweetheart, must then think of 
The Counts mind was occupied elsewhere and I doubt if he 
delicate touch on my vocal cords that deepened and 
turned and gave my best scowl to the characterwhostill 
crazy. I would have to be crazy myself to figure out 
bedside table. I grabbed it in my fist.
had gone in the alley by timing my speed, but I was a 
a complete wardrobe and traveling essentials. The tailor 
It is that, I agreed. I dont enjoy describing the medals 
sentence off and we footraced to the communications room.
another one hit me. I got him in the face with the shoe 
The first part was complete. The second part of the 
point. The local police are used to an almost 
We cant stop the battleship from attacking again, but we 
they were making sure the road was clear for my escape. 
mouth. Were here to get you out. Were friends. Two more 
I stepped through, gun out, and pointed it at the back of 
but clearly.
snapped me back to reality. I had been outwitted and 
look and so did I.
and twice as far away.
pad as it went away.
men I saw were dressed only in black. Perhaps a bit of 
for the fair Angelina that I thought you might want to 
because I was in a skull-fracturing humor.The novelty of 
artist to her fingertips and waited just long enough for 
I never heard what it sounded like, which is all right 
leads, then dived for the engine room.
Big, small, flat, thin, they shot out on all sides. One 
made a nice blob of color because I caughtVillyseye and 
the honors that went with the job.
count. Carefully into the end of the board, the suitcase 
inconsistency jumped out and hit me square in the eye.
In spite of my twelve hours of forced sleep I was 
A nearby spot provided all threeafter I had chased the 
enthusiastically at this point and let a one hundred 
have given me the antidote because the next thing I saw 
wouldnt help me find my lovely quarry. Howeverif the plan 
Youre not a stupid man, Grav Diebstall, he said, which 
around. Two ccs of Linoten in my antecubital[?] cleared 
Freibur was a place that would suit me perfectly. I 
digging fresh ones out of the ceiling-high piles. This 
only one thing. There was little that was worth smuggling 
men I saw were dressed only in black. Perhaps a bit of 
going on. The men were, of course, so excited that no 
Famous last words, I said as I jumped sideways. The gun 
out the one thing I was least suspecting.
impression gained from his clothes. The old and new mixed 
first time I realized he was about sixty-fivereally had 
from their warehouse that should go unnoticed. I pulled 
guns working; it was just as I had planned. We tore down 
fact that he had made an attempt to sober up before going 
complete investigation of Vill, his family and close 
I was pacing behind her as she talked. She stood up and 
because I was in a skull-fracturing humor.The novelty of 
quickly. He was sitting up now and his face was dry of 

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