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[Wesnoth-dev] open bug overview, 20050322

From: ott
Subject: [Wesnoth-dev] open bug overview, 20050322
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 01:17:20 +0200
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On Sun, Feb 13, 2005 at 11:12:55PM +0200, ott wrote:
> Review of open bugs

It seemed time to do another of these, with Ayin, forcemstr, yann and
silene fixing many bugs in the last few weeks.  Down to 86 right now,
with at least two more that should be trivial to close.

I've categorized them differently to the usual item groups, to shake
things up (the original item group is abbreviated between [ and ]).
Additional comments are given on some of these, and new comments have also
been entered at the actual reports for many of the bugs.  This breakdown
should give everyone a quick way to locate a few bugs that their own
expertise can be applied to.  Can we go below 80, or even 70?

First, reviving an old one:

>  7506 [AI] AI & units with multi-hexes-range weapons does not use of them 
> properly
> I thought multi-hex-range attacks were now completely out of the game.
> As benj points out, Watch Towers and Pirate Galleons do require them
> in SotBE.  Has removal of multi-hex attacks broken SotBE?

Silene closed this bug, but SotBE and EI still seem to use multihex attack
units.  In the global data/units directory, we have Watch_Tower.cfg (with
"hexes=5"), Pirate_Galleon.cfg (with "hexes=2"), Transport_Galleon.cfg
(hexes=5) and Watch_Tower.cfg (hexes=4).  This probably qualifies as a
bug in SotBE, and in also in EI (Wall Guard is used in Weldyn_Attack.cfg).
What to do?

Still lingering:

> 10154 [UI] debug mode keybinding
> The complaint is that command mode is bound to shift-;
> but on some keyboards ; is shift-, so command mode is inaccessible.

The workaround of changing to hotkey in Preferences is now mentioned in
the comments.  This still needs to be fixed.  I think hotkey descriptors
that rely on specific keyboard layouts are a problem, and would prefer
character descriptors (instead of "shift-;" rather use ":").  Then people
could use the same shortcut even on different keyboards.

>  9432 [UI] Mac-standard shortcuts not working in windowed mode
> This seems to relate to the many feature requests about better keyboard
> handling or less reliance on the mouse.  Keyboard handling from the
> main menu is currently feature request #11170, perhaps these can
> be consolidated?

This one is bordering on a feature request.  Any comments from Mac users?

> 10256 [--] crash when pasting text
> 11116 [UI] Fullscreen crash
> All related to serious errors.  The first one is for 0.7.2, has anyone
> reproduced it recently?

This comment still holds.  I'm tempted to mark these as Need Info,
any objections?

>  8848 [MP] Merged castles in random maps
>  9584 [MP] Large random maps don't work well
> These relate to problems in the random map generator, and are not
> obviously multiplayer specific.  Also, are the problems still around?

If there are no objections I'd like to change these from Multiplayer to
something more sensible -- perhaps even None?

> 11735 [Un] Disappearing units.
> This seems unreproducible.  Orcish Incursion was revised several times,
> so perhaps time to close?

If no objection, I'll mark this as Need Info, it currently does not seem
reproducible with the sequence of instructions given.

The dreaded OOS

> 10050 [MP] MP random numbers still cause OOS
> 10697 [MP] 0.8.6 RC4 multiplayer OoS
> 10721 [MP] 0.8.7-CVS multiple OoS
> 10842 [MP] error network: SYNC: In attack Skeleton Archer vs Skeleton
> 11232 [MP] OoS bug
> 11743 [MP] Out of syncs :(
> 11831 [MP] Out of Sync
> These just keep on irritating all of us.  See also the following
> category...

This category has shrunk since last time, and there have been no major
reproducible OOS errors recently: many OOS errors are still seen but
it's not clear what they are due to, and they seem unreproducible.

A checksum feature would be very nice to at least signal when different
configuration files are being used, although it is not clear exactly
what should be checksummed, eg. in the presence of user campaigns that
potentially override units.

Replay problems

> 10505 [--] WML random variables cause replay failure
> 10777 [AI] AI seems to recruit beyond its available gold, causing corrupt 
> replays
> 10786 [--] Corrupt replay
> 10962 [--] After viewing replay, mage didn't level up at end of level!
> 11048 [UI] replays do not have icon/minimap in the "load game" preview
> 11298 [--] bug in replays saved with AI acting instead of human
> 11306 [Ca] Replay corrupt for scenarios with random enemy placement.
> 11389 [--] Battle statistics are modified when replaying a file
> 11052 [MP] When observing replay stops at latest green turn (OoS error)
> 10624 [--] Loading/replaying error with [choose]
> Isaac's replay attacked to 10777 shows an out-of-gold OOS very early on.
> Unfortunately, it clearly shows that the AI originally recruited
> more units than it had gold (it spent 101 gp when it only had 100).
> By adding 1gp to the first AI's gold one can then get past this error
> but then the second AI is seen to have recruited beyond its means too,
> this time by 4gp.
> Right now the savegames exhibit the OOS but by then it's
> too late, the AI seems to have recruited beyond its gold during the game
> and there are no tracks to follow what happened in the stderr output.
> I have patched my local copy of the source with additional logging, but
> I don't get to play enough to be able to trigger these problems reliably.

Using extra gold logging (see patch #3740), I created a log of a game
where the AI started a scenario with 342 gold but the replay with only
300 -- no wonder it was causing an OOS.  This was attached to #10777.
Alas, haven't been able to reproduce #10777 for several weeks, and I
can't pinpoint what changes could have fixed this issue.  Will keep
monitoring with extra gold logging.

Many of the other replays seem to be due to OOS errors during the original
game, which perhaps weren't picked up at the time since those usually
just give a warning and go ahead with the calculated value, but the replay
will complain with an error.  See also the :ignore-replay-errors command.

WML glitches

>  9861 [Do] preprocessor does not retain macro lines
> 10448 [--] roles lost between scenarios
> 10543 [--] [recall] tag doesn't work when your leader isn't on a keep
> 10995 [WM] Nested parentheses in macro specifications don't work
> 11079 [WM] [redraw] apparently doesn't do anything
> 11361 [WM] [recall] tag doesn't cure poison, even though it restores HP and 
> moves

Campaign issues

> 10619 [Ca] The Eastern Invasion - Evacuation - Victory condition bug

Turin -- please close this if this is now fixed.

> 11932 [Ca] Units showing up in Recall that aren't supposed to be there.

Benj needs to fix this.  It's been reported at least three times.

> 10408 [Ca] Recruited characters have same name as main characters

Not sure this is still an issue, at least not in the mainline campaigns.
Unless the person reporting it was actually referring to the same error
as #11932?

> 11797 [Ca] Campaign specific images not available directly after download

Could someone confirm?  I thought download now triggered a cache refresh.

> 10366 [Ca] Units in user-made campaigns not loaded correctly in save-games
> 10570 [Ca] disappearing leader
> 10867 [Ca] Tutorial --- Merle has a "leader crown" which disappears

Multiplayer bugs

> 10903 [UI] End of scenario dialog lists all players as winners.

Still an issue?

> 11786 [MP] MP game chat "repeat" last posts

Haven't ever seen this.  Can someone clarify or confirm?

> 11888 [--] problem with names

Data format problems

> 10838 [po] Schedules (time of day) not translated in multiplayer games
> 11027 [po] Campaigns on server cannot be translated
> These all relate to inconsistencies: is the wire format the original
> or the translated string?  Perhaps a review is needed of names that are
> and are not translated.

I think these are in progress, Silene and Ayin were discussing this
on IRC.


> 11736 [po] Some untranslateable strings in the Editor
> Several people have been looking at inconsistencies with text domains
> [...] hopefully 11736 will be resolved after yann moves
> terrains into wesnoth-lib.

This broke lots of things and was reverted.  The text domains need
revision, though this should probably wait until yann has finished the
current dependency cleanup.

> 11848 [--] translated user campaigns not translated under windows

Seems related to the user campaign translations ending up in a directory
that is not searched for translations, and may be an issue on Mac OS
X also.

A new one:

12305 Translations      German translation: Delfador tells english text after 
recruiting (tutorial)

Editor problems

> 11965 [ed] translated string not completely readable 
> 10625 [ed] numbering error with editor
> 10704 [ed] Saving a map
> 11698 [ed] Broken file chooser.

2 new ones:

11971 [ed] Map Editor loads custom terrains from user campaigns - and the 
terrain selector chokes
12382 [ed] File selector looks a little odd

Graphical glitches

> 11810 [ed] Color choosing the tiles
> They seem to be complaining about
> lack of visual indicators of which tiles are selected.  This could
> be related to errors I've been seeing when running the editor:
> error display: could not open image 
> 'buttons/uparrow-button-active-pressed.png'
> error display: could not open image 
> 'buttons/downarrow-button-active-pressed.png'
> illegal surface portion...
> error display: could not open image 'buttons/lite-active-pressed.png'
> error display: could not open image 'buttons/lite_small-active-pressed.png'
> error display: could not open image ''
> error display: could not open image 'terrain/desert_crater.png'
> These button images do not exist, but there are game codepaths
> that do cause these names to be generated.  There are other
> button names like this exhibiting the same problem in the
> game itself.  I see on IRC sanna was doing some fixing of these
> (eg. images/missile-n.png) but there are several others.  On the
> other hand, freim made a start on a list of unused graphics at:
>     http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~haskjold/wesnoth/gfx_not_in_use.txt

A nice easy project for a new artist?

> 11363 [Gr] Specifying terrain graphics inside a particular scenario sometimes 
> fails
> 11688 [Gr] Unit redraw bug after auto-move at the beginning of turn
> 11696 [Gr] Glitches in 1280x1024, full screen
> 11757 [Gr] terrain transition bug for custom terrains
> 11790 [Gr] Color Cursor bug
> 11863 [Gr] Buglet on Wesnoth banner screen
> 11072 [--] Display frequency is out of range
> 11152 [--] The villages in the rightmost column don't have name

and 3 new glitches since last time:

12021 [Gr] Scrolling with mouse wheel during a action creates graphical glitches
12365 [Gr] Problem with teleport
12386 [Gr] Background glitch when changing from windowed to fullscreen mode and 
vice versa

Game engine problems:

>  9126 [AI] AI occupies leader spot with normal.unit
>  9573 [AI] AI units will freeze rather than attack risk-free
>  9649 [AI] auto-move uses up all of the remaining moves when there are no 
> empty hexes on the unit's path
> 11829 [Un] Unit not slowed

Information leakage with shroud:

> 10043 [UI] use units movement information to have information on uncovered 
> terrain
> 10690 [Gr] Village name shown over shroud
> 11622 [Un] Recalls revealing shroud undoable
> 10332 [--] Tutorial scenario start and end savegames cannot be loaded

User interface glitches:

> 10665 [UI] Order of data about terrain in u-r corner
> 10839 [UI] Too wide menu makes items unselectable
> 11111 [UI] Unit help needs too much horiz space in 800x600
> 11292 [Do] Help shows "black" terrain tiles
> 11364 [UI] Picking "unit description" from the contextual menu of a modified 
> unit gives wrong info
> 11480 [UI] Pathfinding UI not always clear

and new ones:

12007 [UI] uploading campaign server content with large icons renders interface 
12097 [MP] Typing a long chat message (quickly) in a MP game lags up Wesnoth
12101 [UI] share_view doesn't update immediately enough
12148 [MP] Chatwindow does'nt wrap long lines
12169 [UI] Can't input russian(cyrillic) characters
12282 [UI] Pasting new lines handled very badly
12306 [UI] Statistics only show values since last reload

Misc bugs

>  9303 [--] 2nd level unit costs are off balance

See comment with pointer to relevant forum posting by EP, with suggested
new values.

A new one:

12319 None      Cache not invalidated by changes to help.cfg

-- address@hidden

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