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Re: [XBoard-devel] gtk update

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: Re: [XBoard-devel] gtk update
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 17:11:40 -0700
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> The good news is that ubuntu 10.04 can compile the gtk-xt branch.
> It seems already broken, though: when I startup XBoard-gtk-xt with
> Fairy-Max, none of the variants are enabled in the New Variant menu.

hmm, don't think I touched anything in that part...

> The buttons in the Game List window are unwieldly large, and in their
> current layout dominate the width of the window completely. They should
> be made a lot smaller, or put in two rows above each other, or simply
> omitted. (I don't know if there are still people that actualy use these
> buttons. Normally you simply click the game you want to load.
> This makes even stepping through the list redundant, but people that
> want to do it will use the keyboard arrows for that, making the Up/Down
> buttons the secondary backup system.)

The GameList window is still WIP, just started porting it and I still
need to figure out how to do several things there...
I agree though, that we should get rid of the buttons and just use the
doubleclick and cursor movement... will change that next... I just
thought since it compiled at the moment I'll already push it...

> There seems to be a problem with exposure events indeed.

yes, not sure if this is because of the main loop or some other issue...

> The Y axis of the eval graph should leave a little bit more margin for
> the axis labels, as the +5 now is a bit too large to fit. Otherwise it
> looks nice.

should be easy to fix... do you want to change that? Else I can do it too...

> The GTK file browser looks very nice. I had a problem that it popped
> up behind the main window, though (just like the browser I had
> written myself popped up behind the dialog that summoned it,
> the second time).

could also be the way I started the window... there is gtk_widget_show
and gtk_window_present and I think the file browser uses
gtk_dialog_run... perhaps we need to call gtk_window_present first?
Should be solvable though.


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