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Re: [Accessibility] Call to Arms

From: Jason White
Subject: Re: [Accessibility] Call to Arms
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 15:42:18 +1000
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In my view, the FSF has clear guiding principles that ought to be upheld. If
that means turning away potential volunteers who don't share those goals or
who are inclined to develop solutions that involve proprietary software, I
think this is entirely necessary, since otherwise the FSF would be
compromising its principles.

One of the characteristics that I admire about Richard Stallman is his
determination not to compromise his values and long-term objectives for the
sake of short-term expediency, a quality sadly lacking in many aspects of
contemporary society.

The more free software there is which meets accessibility-related needs, the
less necessary it will be for people with disabilities to make such
compromises in the technologies they use, if they value freedom in this

If people want to engage in proprietary development, or a mixture of free and
proprietary development, then please first consider the logic of Richard
Stallman's position, and if you still want to take that path, please do it
outside of any forum or project sponsored, endorsed or promoted by the FSF.

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