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[aspell-devel] TODO, aspell

From: fghj
Subject: [aspell-devel] TODO, aspell
Date: 15 Oct 2003 21:50:05 +0400


I send to address@hidden  the follow message, but there are no answer.
So I decide send this letter to list of developer.

Is there somebody, who work on problem checking of utf8 decoding documents?
Is anybody understand how to do this, without change spell kernel, from handle char(I mean
char with size one byte)
to handle unicode char (I mean two or four bytes length char)?

With regards, ...

    Sorry, for my English, it is not my native language.

>Hellow, Mr. Atkinson.
>Locale of my Linux is utf8. And I do not want to change it. So
>>Allow Aspell to check documents which are in UTF-8. The main thing to be done is to get >>Aspell to display UTF-8 correctly. This will involve being able to get the length of UTF-8 >>strings and display UTF-8 using the curses library.
>is intresting for me.
>Is there somebody who working on it?
>If not, I would like to work on this feature.
>With regards, ...
>Can you explain why the main thing is "to get Aspell to display UTF-8 correctly"?
>How can I see all algorithms in Aspell suppose that one letter is one symbol, but it is not in >UTF-8. Letter of my native languge is represent three chars, for example.
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