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Re: [aspell-devel] TODO, aspell

From: Evgeney
Subject: Re: [aspell-devel] TODO, aspell
Date: 28 Oct 2003 17:35:12 +0300


Yes, my native language is Russian.

I look at prog/.

For my opinion, user of Aspell opinion, there are two things must be done
to using utf-8 correctly in aspell:

1) Fix the not understandable inverse of misspelled word (only first word
inverse correctly, after that I see some shit).

2)Truncate strings correctly.

First problem I solved:
in check_funs.cpp
function void display_misspelled_word()


because of curses can not correctly work with multi-bytes characters on virtual screen
and 8-bits characters on physical screen.

There are some problems my realisation of curses(ncurses) with utf-8. They,
of course may be solved, but I don't think that must be done on the level of
program, it's problems of library(curses).

Now, Aspell works fine with my locale(ru_RU.UTF-8).

It would be good if you commit my changes in the project.

With regards,

В Птн, 17.10.2003, в 00:32, Kevin Atkinson написал:
On 15 Oct 2003, fghj wrote:

Sorry I did not respond right away?

Is your native language Russian?

> >>Allow Aspell to check documents which are in UTF-8. The main thing to
> be done is to get >>Aspell to display UTF-8 correctly. This will involve
> being able to get the length of UTF-8 >>strings and display UTF-8 using
> the curses library. 
> >
> >is intresting for me. 
> >
> >Is there somebody who working on it? 

No, not at the time.

> >
> >If not, I would like to work on this feature.

Than look in the prog/ directory of Aspell.  This is the source for the 
Aspell utility.

> >How can I see all algorithms in Aspell suppose that one letter is one
> symbol, but it is not in >UTF-8. Letter of my native languge is
> represent three chars, for example.

It is converted to an internal coding that is 8-bit.  The encoding used 
depends on the encoding of the dictionary.

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