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Re: TeX-remove-style-hook is local

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: TeX-remove-style-hook is local
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 20:53:31 +0200
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Ikumi Keita <> writes:

>> I think the right approach would be to put all those (La)TeX-add-*
>> calls into some core style hooks, i.e., in
>> LaTeX-common-initialization there would be a
> That would amount to certain volume of work.

I just did it for latex.el on the new core-latex-in-style-hooks branch.
However, there's a stupid problem I don't understand.  I open my a.tex
file which just contains:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

At that point, TeX-active-styles is

  ("art10" "article" "a" "latex2e" "LATEX" "LaTeX-core")

which seems right.  "LaTeX-core" is the new style hook I added.

But when I do

  M-: (TeX-remove-style) RET
  M-: (TeX-update-style t) RET

TeX-active-styles is

  ("art10" "article" "latex2e" "a" "NoVirtexSymbols")

Where is LaTeX-core and LATEX?  And how did "NoVirtexSymbols" arrive

> How about discarding the remove-style feature itself, as discussed
> briefly yesterday? "git grep TeX-remove-style" reveals that
> TeX-remove-style is used only in TeX-arg-document. Until
> make-variable-buffer-local was removed from TeX-remove-style-hook,
> everything went well. That means that remove-style feature almost
> didn't work at all until then and no one was bothered by it.

Well, maybe.  But I think it wouldn't be bad to have relatively cheap
"forget & re-init" thingy.

> I think that it's enough to replace
>   (TeX-remove-style)
> with
>   (setq TeX-style-hook-applied-p nil)
> in TeX-arg-document. In this way, we can discard all codes related to
> "TeX-remove-style*" in AUCTeX altogether.

Wouldn't (TeX-update-style t) do the same?

> More conservative approach is to add another optional argument to
> TeX-normal-mode to suppress binding TeX-auto-save to t, and replace
> call to TeX-remove-style with TeX-normal-mode, with that new argument
> being non-nil.

I wonder why TeX-normal-mode binds TeX-auto-save to t.  I guess there's
a reason for that, otherwise it wouldn't be there.


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