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[AUCTeX] forward/inverse search

From: Bjørn Haagensen
Subject: [AUCTeX] forward/inverse search
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 02:31:06 +0200
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I was wondering about the current state on forward/inverse search in multifile documents? Is it supposed to work? I've got it working for single-file documents. But there seems to be a number of problems in multifile documents. Since I don't know whether support is complete, I'll just briefly describe them for now (as I see them).

-The source-specials seems to get included only in the "region" .dvi file, thus there are no mappings between the original .tex file and the .dvi-file being previewed. Backward search works between the region .dvi and .tex file but forward search does not and results in the error messate:

'xdvi-motif.bin: Fatal error: ~/CVS/work/main.dvi: No such file.'

-Backward search works from the master .dvi file, but forward search results in the error message

'xdvi-motif.bin: Fatal error: ~/CVS/work/main.dvi: No such file.'

If it's supposed to be working I'll be happy to provide more elaborate error descriptions.


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