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Re: [AUCTeX] glossaries style file for RefTeX

From: Ralf Angeli
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] glossaries style file for RefTeX
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2011 17:00:00 +0200

* Woogon Chung (2011-07-11) writes:

> My question is about RefTeX but I believe the AUCTeX embraces the
> RefTeX as a sister or one of siblings.
> I was looking for a glossaries.el or similar one (a style file for the
> glossaries package to AUCTeX) for the purpose of adding macros defined
> in the package. In the RefTeX manual (V4.34, page 15) there is an
> example for AMSLaTeX use case, which utilizes the amsmath.el to the

The style files in AUCTeX don't add macros to RefTeX, they only switch
on or configure certain features which are related to properties of the
document, like a certain package which is loaded.  So in order to
support glossaries.sty one would probably add support for it in RefTeX
and switch that on with an AUCTeX style file.  (Obviously, the AUCTeX
style file should also define the macros provided by glossaries.sty for
the case that RefTeX is not used.)

At the moment RefTeX supports the \glossary command as it is defined by
LaTeX.  And that macro seems to work in a similar way as the \index
command.  Commands like \gls in glossaries.sty seem to work a bit
differently in that they reference a definition of a glossary entry with
a label, so if one wanted to support glossaries.sty one would probably
use the mechanisms for labels and references and not the ones defined
for indexing.  (In your other message you already mentioned

> The glossaries package has simply (too) many macros defined
> for the referencing purpose. So, I thought someone out there had done
> it already, presuming that the glossaries package is such a great
> package combining glossaries and indices feature.

As you have already noted there is no support for glossaries.sty in
RefTeX or AUCTeX yet.  And at least I haven't heard of somebody who
wants to add support for it.


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