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Re: [AUCTeX] font-latex-script-char-face

From: Colin Baxter
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] font-latex-script-char-face
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 15:05:06 +0000
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Hi Arash

On Wed, Feb 22 2017, Arash Esbati wrote:

> Colin Baxter <address@hidden> writes:
>> I want to remove, outside of custom-set-faces, the foreground color option to
>> font-latex-script-char-face. I've tried various combinations of 
>> (setq font-latex-script-char-face ((t nil)))
>> all to non-avail. I'd be grateful for help. Thanks.
> Emacs manual says[1]
>     Normally, a face is declared just once, using defface, and any
>     further changes to its appearance are applied using the Customize
>     framework (e.g., via the Customize user interface or via the
>     custom-set-faces function; see Applying Customizations), or by face
>     remapping (see Face Remapping). In the rare event that you need to
>     change a face spec directly from Lisp, you can use the face-spec-set
>     function.
> Since `font-latex-script-char-face' is declared with `defface', I would
> try something like this (I didn't try, though):
>     (face-spec-set font-latex-script-char-face
>                    '((t nil)))
> Best, Arash
> Footnotes: 
> [1]  

It seems I need to specify explicitly the foreground. This works:

(face-spec-set 'font-latex-script-char-face '((t (:foreground nil))) nil)

There may be a more elegant way, of course. Thank you.

Best wishes, Colin.

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