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Re: [AUCTeX] test

From: Carlos
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX] test
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 04:40:16 -0400
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David Kastrup <address@hidden> writes:

> Carlos <address@hidden> writes:
>> Just a broadcast test. Thanks
> Please refrain from any such tests.  There is no reason whatsoever to
> not just post the content you wanted to post, keeping a copy in case it
> does not appear in a reasonable time frame (a day for first posters) on
> the list.

David, if you're so offended by it, then remove my email address from
the list.

> If you did not want to post actual content, there is no point in
> bothering the list until you do.

I was just testing it because I've had issues posting to a TeX mailing

> That may not work for list managers themselves since they may depend on
> the outcome of their experiments for juggling with posts that keep
> incoming from other people.

Yeah, yeah yeah, ask Karl Berry if you need further verification of what
I've said so far.

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