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From: Chris Seawood
Subject: mozilla's
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 20:13:05 -0700
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Hi, I'm the build maintainer for Mozilla. One of our developers filed a bug stating that autoconf 2.52 doesn't like our, .

This is partially understandable as we do some bad things like calling AC_OUTPUT_SUBDIRS manually so that we can add options to subconfigures. However, the problem that he was getting hung up on was that autoconf only expands some macros once, while our calls some of them twice. Specifically, we do:

if test -n "$CROSS_COMPILE"; then
<check for HOST_CC>
<check for CC searching ${target}-gcc && ${target_alias}-gcc>
AC_PROG_CC - to actually run the compile test
<set HOST_CC=CC>

He was told that this was wrong.  Specifically,he was told:

> That's correct, using conditional checking with Autoconf is a very bad
> idea.  You should never do that.  Always check, and perform
> conditional actions, but don't make conditional checks.

I probably zoned out on the discussion that covered this but what was the purpose of only expanding the macros once?

(And yes, I know s/HOST/BUILD/ , s/host/build/ etc etc.)

- cls

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