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AC_INIT vs AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in ac2.5.2 and am1.5...?

From: Matthew Whitworth
Subject: AC_INIT vs AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in ac2.5.2 and am1.5...?
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2001 13:13:39 -0800 (PST)

There was a time when I thought I knew what I was doing with autoconf and
automake.  Then I upgraded to autoconf 2.5.2 and automake 1.5 and suddenly
I'm all confused again....

The first difference I noticed is that autoconf's new AC_INIT macro takes
arguments that I used to include in automake's AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE macro.
The autoconf manual [1] specifies AC_INIT's syntax as

AC_INIT(package, version, bug-report-address)

and makes no mention of any automake macros.  However, the new automake
manual [2] seems to suggest old autoconf 2.13 AC_INIT syntax:

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(hello, 1.3.11)

where AC_INIT takes a source file name argument and the package name and
version number are used by AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE.

So what is appropriate for a development environment where one is using
both autoconf and automake?  Should AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE be used in a along with the new AC_INIT syntax (which seems like an
unneccesary and dangerous redundancy)?

AC_OUTPUT seems to suffer from a similar syntax out-of-syncness, but I'll
leave that for later.

Many thanks,



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