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Re: [OT] Guido Draheim vs. Peter Simons (Surrender!)

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: [OT] Guido Draheim vs. Peter Simons (Surrender!)
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 03:37:17 +0100
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Peter Simons schrieb:
Guido Draheim writes:

 > I hand out cvs access to the sfnet branch quite freely [...].

What, according to

accounts for the two developers:

Bruce Korb Guido Draheim

The ones, who's macros the GNU archive does not have.

Yes, it did not work - even Bruch Korb kept sending me the
ac-macros via mail. Later I realized that this is all too
human - why bother doing tarball upload and website upload
when there is someone around who'd do that within hours
after sending an e-mail. So again, it did not work, and
it was probably not that a good idea. :-/

cheers, guido
p.s. the full paragraph again...

Guido Draheim schrieb:
> The `user directories` (as I call them) are updated independently
> however - it has been the intent of the sfnet branch to be
> also a playground for experimental stuff that people go about
> to delete perhaps but which they want to have packaged. I hand
> out cvs access to the sfnet branch quite freely, and the
> makesystem is ready to be used by third persons as well,
> including uploads to the webserver. Actually, that extra
> freedom was not used - my intention thereabout misled perhaps.
> As a result, most of the updates in the `user directories`
> are just... mine. Ooops. ;-)

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