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AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS & hand-coded configure

From: Gour
Subject: AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS & hand-coded configure
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 10:40:55 +0200
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I'm new with autoconf tools and need to solve the following problem: I have
a package which contains few subpackages, e.g. pkgA, pkgB and pkgC.

First I need to build a pkgA and then the built library is used for building
pkgB, and then pkgC has to be built and everything has to be installed.

pkgA (clisp) does not use, but it uses his own hand-coded
configure script; its modules (dir1..dirn) have their own
files, and I have to invoke 'configure' with few extra parameters.

In a picture it looks like:

        |-- ...
        |---------- pkgA
                |-- configure
                |-- ...
                |-- dir1
                |-- dirn

        |---------- pkgB
                |-- file1
                |-- filen
                |-- file1
                |-- filen

So, pkgA (clisp) has to be built with its own 'configure' script which is
invoked with some extra parameters to provide runtime-engine for the rest
of the package.

I have tried to use AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS in my top-level as:


but autoconf complains that clisp directory does not contain

autoreconf-2.59: `' or `' is required

I read about using 'configure.gnu' and found one post in autoconf archives
(Jul '04) which says:

In the tools (aka pkgA) subdirectory, write a wrapper script called
configure.gnu, which takes the arguments passed in from the top-level
configure script and massages them however you need, then calls:

$CONFIG_SHELL ./configure ...  to do the work.  

and this solve the problem of passing additional arguments to hand-coded
configure script in pkgA.

However, the problem remains 'cause in the post it is stated:

Write a tools/ (aka pkgA/ and do the usual stuff
with it.

and I have to use hand-coded configure script which does not use

The question remains: how to easily solve the problem of invoking custom
'configure' script in one of the sub-package directories?

Any other macro I'm missing?


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