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Re: autoconf test failures - how to react?

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: autoconf test failures - how to react?
Date: Wed, 3 May 2006 18:54:28 +0200
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Hi Jerker,

* Jerker Bäck wrote on Wed, May 03, 2006 at 06:49:33PM CEST:
> Hello autoconf users
> I have build autoconf-2.59c (ftp source) for Interix and the build process
> went on with no problems. When I run 'make check' some tests fails. Please
> help me to evaluate the seriosness of these failed tests.

First off, thank you for reporting!

> ERROR: 272 tests were run,
> 8 failed (5 expected failures).
> 7 tests were skipped.

That's pretty good for a system I guess hasn't seen much testing in a

> Is there something I could do to correct things?
> Maybe some unix utils is missing which the tests depend on (ie gettext)?

Not yet.  But actually attaching tests/testsuite.log would be great!

> My system:
> Windows 2003 R2 with Interix 5.2
> Interix Korn shell
> Interix BSD sed exchanged by GNU sed 4.1.5
> Interix BSD make exchanged by GNU make 3.81
> Interix BSD m4 exchanged by GNU m4 1.4.4
> Interix gcc is the active compiler
> bison 2.1 is not yet installed


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