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Re: ac-archive-macros-2006.0927.tar.bz2

From: Peter Simons
Subject: Re: ac-archive-macros-2006.0927.tar.bz2
Date: 18 Oct 2006 00:51:00 +0200

Hey Guido,

thank you for remedying the situation as promptly and as
painlessly as you did. I really appreciate how cooperative
you are. I feel it's perfectly understandable that you
accidently forgot to mention that you are re-distributing
the result of other people's efforts. Please keep up your
great work!

Apparently you added the macros ax_c_declare_block.m4,
ax_gcc_const_call.m4, ax_gcc_malloc_call.m4, and
ax_gcc_warn_unused_result.m4. Wonderful stuff! I copied them
into my archive moments ago. You don't mind, do you?

By the way, you may want to re-import your macros from my
archive because I fixed a few minor problems. Check out your
own web site to see what they are.

Have a great day!


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