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How to cross compile?

From: shamju joseph
Subject: How to cross compile?
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 03:23:54 -0700 (PDT)


I've some doubts regarding cross compiling.

I want to cross compile one open source flash player
('gnash') for a Fusiv processor(ADI) based board. I've
 the cross-compiler toolchain like lx4189-uclibc-gcc,
lx4189-uclibc-g++ etc in my build system. 

I have one folder "lx4189-kenati-linux" in my build
system with subfolders 'bin' for cross-compiler tools,
'lib' for other cross-compiled libraries, and
'include' for customised standard header files.

I can specify cross compiler by the following way:
$ CC=lx4189-uclibc-gcc ./configure


1) How can I tell configure to look for dependency
files in the above folders instead of default
folders(/usr/lib, /usr/include etc) ?

2) I've read macros AC_CHECK_LIB and AC_CHECK_HEADERS
are used for checking the existence of required files.
What is the search path used by these macros, how can
I give a custom path for this search?

3) How can I modify configure scripts to accept
'host=' parameter? Where is this parameter used? What
should I do with this parameter?

4) How can I know the 'host' parameter name for my 
custom board?
(uname command on my custom board gives the following
uname -s returns linux
uname -m returns mips
uname -r returns 2.4.16
uname -p returns unknown 
 -i and -o options are not available )

Can someone please provide some suggestions?

shamju joseph 

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