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pure ansi/iso or posix environments

From: Paul Edwards
Subject: pure ansi/iso or posix environments
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 01:27:36 +1100

Is it possible to tell configure that I have an arbitrary C89
environment, and it's none of its business what the name
of my C compiler is or what operating system it is, just
assume it is a C89 environment and act accordingly?

More generally, I want to be able to specify:

1. Arbitrary C89 environment.
2. Arbitrary C99 environment.
3. Arbitrary Posix environment.

My arbitrary C89 environment happens to be on MVS 3.8.
I don't have the ability to run "configure" myself, but I know
someone who can run "configure" for me and send me the
output files.  But they come with non-C89 rubbish and it is
tedious to go through and change all the #defines to the
correct C89 values.

Thanks.  Paul.

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