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Checking versions and defining macros

From: Jason Curl
Subject: Checking versions and defining macros
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2008 06:47:04 +0100
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To achieve my goals, I've borrowed some of the internals of the auto* tools (and libtool). I'd like to somehow check the version of the autotools during "autoreconf" time and include macros specific to a particular version. If I see a version that I haven't tested with, then I'd like to print a warning that something needs to be looked at (i.e. update my macros). This will allow me especially to upgrade to libtool-2.2 and play with it, while knowing it will always work with 1.5.24.

A summary of what I've had to hack:
AC_CHECK_LIB: borrowed from here for the Solaris networking features
AC_CHECK_DECL: Disable printing, to encapsulate in my own scripts
AC_PROG_LD: Would die if it couldn't find LD, rather than allow my to provide an alternate


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