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Re: No recursive option in autoreconf ?

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: No recursive option in autoreconf ?
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 19:34:58 -0600
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According to L. A. Pritchett-Sheats on 3/10/2008 2:52 PM:
| Hello -
| I couldn't find a mail list for autoreconf, I hope this is the correct
| list to direct this question....

Yes - autoreconf is one of the programs belonging to the autoconf package.

| autoreconf. Automake exits with an error in both packages when I run
| 'autoreconf -fvi'.

What sort of errors?  Can you post a transcript of the failure?

| I'd like to create a bootstrap script that 'skips' the
| directories where I have GSL and OOL installed. I searched the archives
| and saw a few posts for requests for a --norecursive option. However my
| version of autoreconf (2.59) does not recognize this option. Is there a
| newer version that does?

The latest stable version is 2.61.

| Or am I using the wrong syntax?

Autoreconf has had the --no-recursive option since 2.60.

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