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[autoconf 2.63] 95 of 353 tests fail

From: Howard Larson
Subject: [autoconf 2.63] 95 of 353 tests fail
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 11:25:01 -0500

Running autoconf make check was prompted by make failure for libtool:  No
object files or executables were produced. In retrospect, config.h had two
instances of #include ""

Other info:  msys was reinstalled along with all updates which seemed to fix
earlier problems with automake build.  m4 was left at version 1.4.7.
testsuite.log is attached.  Notations in the log about being unable to
remove a directory correspond to points where a process stalled and needed
to be restarted.

Obviously something is broken.  Need advice on next course of action; tear
down the entire system and start from scratch?

Howard Larson

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