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RE: [autoconf 2.63] 95 of 353 tests fail

From: Eric Blake
Subject: RE: [autoconf 2.63] 95 of 353 tests fail
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 03:25:16 +0000

Please don't top-post.

> I have performed a search for a conftest.obj file and it does not exist.  As
> I mentioned in an earlier email, build of libtool failed to produce any .obj
> files.
> I have installed MinGW.  Does it not have gcc? If not, how do I ensure make
> check is using gcc?  (I am new to this build environment.)

You may be better off asking these sorts of questions on the mingw list,
then.  Yes, gcc is available pre-built for mingw, although I'm not sure
whether it is installed by default or an optional selection.  But again,
the choice of using gcc vs. cl.exe is something that the developers on
the mingw list are much more familiar and competent with.

Eric Blake

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