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Re: Extracting configuration info from config.status

From: Barry Leslie
Subject: Re: Extracting configuration info from config.status
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 07:45:05 -0700
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My solution to this problem was to get the CC flags I wanted from the MySQL
MakeFile instead of trying to get them out of config.status.

It is still a bit frustrating when you know all the data you need is in
config.status but you cannot get it. Something that would solve this problem
would be to have an option like --showtag then I could run config,status

config,status --showtag=CFLAGS
config,status  --showtag=CONF_COMMAND

And it would just echo out the tag value. If the tag doesn't exit an empty
line is returned.

Another feature request. :)


On 10/16/08 12:35 AM, "Paolo Bonzini" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Brian Dessent wrote:
>> Barry Leslie wrote:
>>> It would be really useful if there was a configure option that would allow
>>> you to point to another location and tell configure to get it's settings
>>> from there.
>> If you just want to get the content of variables from a foreign build
>> dir you can run it's config.status with --file=FILE[:TEMPLATE] or
>> --header=FILE[:TEMPLATE] and it will instantiate FILE from TEMPLATE
>> performing the normal AC_SUBST style substitutions, even if TEMPLATE is
>> something you created and is not part of the foreign tree.
> Indeed, I think this is what Barry is looking for.  Something like
> AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS([mysql-config.h],
> [cat > <<_EOF
> /* Totally made up, but you should indeed have #undef
>    lines like these.  */
> #undef FOOBAR
> #undef USE_64BIT_OFFSETS
> _EOF
> $with_mysql/config.status
> rm -f],
> [with_mysql="$with_mysql])
>> But the quoted text seems to imply you want to do even more than that,
>> to actually have access those variables during the execution of the
>> configure script.  In that case you'd probably want to try sharing a
>> config cache between them.
> He can just create the file in the configure script (instead of using
> AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS) and add one of these two:
>   echo '#include "./mysql-config.h"' >> confdefs.h
>   cat mysql-config.h >> confdefs.h
> after the invocation of $with_mysql/config.status
> Paolo

Barry Leslie

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