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Re: How to specify /var/lib in autoconf?

From: David Bruce
Subject: Re: How to specify /var/lib in autoconf?
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 10:40:33 -0500


Thanks a ton!

> If you want to refer to the path in C code as a macro "LOCALSTATEDIR",
> you have in
>  AM_CPPFLAGS = -DLOCALSTATEDIR=\"$(pkglocalstatedir)\"

But is pkglocalstatedir predefined, like pkgdatadir, pkglibdir, and
pkgincludedir? It doesn't seem like it.  If I just do the above, I
wind up with LOCALSTATEDIR being '/'.

Am I first supposed to do something like:
pkglocalstatedir = $(localstatedir)/@PACKAGE@

If I do, that seems to work as intended.

Regarding the GNU Coding Standards vs. FHS discrepancy in where the
files wind up getting installed, am I safe to assume that as the
"upstream guy" I can just follow the Autotools defaults? The distro
packagers ought to know to use "./configure --localstatedir=/var" to
get these files into the FHS-approved place, right?



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