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AT_CHECK within for loop

From: Daily, Jeff A
Subject: AT_CHECK within for loop
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 16:20:57 -0800

In a nutshell, I've written a drop-in replacement of another tool and would 
like to test that it functions identical to the original.  All you need to know 
about these tools is that they take as input one or more binary files and 
produce a single binary file.  Of course they do more than that, but the 
details aren't important.  Also, in order to compare the binary output files, 
I've written another tool "pgcmp".

The input files are stored in a data directory.  The number of files in this 
directory can change.  It'd like to perform the same tests against every input 
file in the data directory, but have the ability to skep files which might not 
meet some sort of criteria.  Something like:

AT_SETUP([testing $file, no arguments])
for file in $datadir/*
        AS_IF([bad $file], [continue])
        AT_CHECK([replacement $file -o replacement.out])
        AT_CHECK([original $file -o original.out])
        AT_CHECK([pgcmp replacement.out original.out])

Is this allowed/okay?

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