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Re: flags for different fortran compilers

From: Eve-Marie Devaliere
Subject: Re: flags for different fortran compilers
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 16:43:00 -0500
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Thanks Ralph (again :) )

> Well, we've already clarified that you should drop -c.
yes , my bad, I just copied what they had in the rules.macros file
> For any gfortran-specific flag that there is no good macro for, you can
> start off by wrapping it in this if clause:
> if test $ac_cv_fc_compiler_gnu = yes; then
>   FCFLAGS="$FCFLAGS -fbounds-check -fconvert=big-endian ..."
> fi
so would you suggest doing this instead of the macro you suggested
earlier? a combination of both (I am thinking macros for flags that are
common to more than one compiler and if tests for the ones specific for
each compiler ; (if I can ever figure out which flags are which....))?
In their original setup, they had support for the following compilers: 
xlf95, f95, f90 (SGI IRIX64 MIPSpro, Absoft and  HP-UX), gfortran,
ifort, pgf95, lf95, g95.
> Remarks to the flags you are using:
> - Debugging: -ggdb is GCC specific; you can use -g fairly portably.
ok, thx
> - Symbol underscoring: Autoconf's support for this currently only
>   supports a kind of different strategy: allow the user (the person
>   running configure) to set the desired underscoring strategy by passing
>   FCFLAGS as configure argument; the linking from different languages
>   can then be achieved as described in 'info Autoconf --index AC_FC_WRAPPERS'.
yes I dropped the underscore in my autoconf configuration ; it was just
how they had it, but thanks for the info... :)
> - Free-form is already handled by AC_FC_FREEFORM.  The necessary flag
>   is added to the FCFLAGS variable if you call that macro in
yes.. I tried your example below and it worked just fine. I guess I was
forcing with ifort which doesn't need it so that looked like it didn't
work compare to the set of flags that was in the macro.rules file but I
tried the install again without free flag and guess what?  it worked,
autoconf is so smart! :) sorry for my mistake
>>>> If you can formulate your needs in such a way, then the next hurdle is
>>>> to overcome the M4 language and a few Autoconf building block macros
>>>> like AC_COMPILE_IFELSE and AC_LINK_IFELSE.  We can help with the latter
>>>> if the former is clear.

if you still think I should go the macro way for at least some of the compiler 
flags, would you have an example to suggest to put me on the way? I couldn't 
find the source code of AC_FC_FREEFORM to try figuring out...

Thank you so much for all your help!

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