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Re: How to enable/disable my debug code?

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: How to enable/disable my debug code?
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 20:13:24 +0700

On 27 Jul 2011, at 19:22, narke wrote:
> Hi, Gary


> On 27 July 2011 14:36, Gary V. Vaughan <address@hidden> wrote:
>> On 27 Jul 2011, at 12:56, narke wrote:
>>> With a same set of autoconf/automake files, how to I distribute my
>>> program that allows user to build it with or without debug code
>>> enabled?  In my code, there are something like below:
>>> #if (__MY_DEBUG__)
>>> ...
>>> #endif
>>> Thanks in advance.
>> For debug builds:
>>  ./configure CFLAGS='-g' CPPFLAGS=-D__MY_DEBUG__
> For this approach, will it overwrite my already defined flags or just
> append values to them?  It usual that my CPPFLAGS had already set as
> something like "-I/my/include" in a

If the's have been written correctly (as described in the
info manual and elsewhere), then CPPFLAGS/CFLAGS/LDFLAGS/etc should not
be *set* in (although of course they are referenced often)
because those are in the users' namespace.  Instead, should
be setting required (but not compiler specific!!) options inside
AM_CPPFLAGS/AM_CFLAGS/AM_LDFLAGS/etc.  The info manuals will help you
here. Anyway, even if sets these flags incorrectly, since
you set the options at configure time as shown above, you might still
get away with it, since the configure values are then spliced into the
generated Makefile's.

Gary V. Vaughan (gary AT gnu DOT org)

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