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Re: autoconf-2.68b released [beta]

From: Olaf Lenz
Subject: Re: autoconf-2.68b released [beta]
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 21:44:53 +0100
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On 03/02/2012 07:33 PM, Mike Frysinger wrote:
uhh, Sabayon does have xz-utils and has for quite a long time now.
after all, it's simply Gentoo at its core, and Gentoo has had
xz-utils for a long time.

openSUSE has had xz-utils since 11.2.  before that, they had

Sorry if I expressed me wrong: Of course Sabayon and openSUSE provide
xz-utils-packages! However, they are not *installed* by default. This is
no problem when you administrate your own machine, but when you use a
multiuser system administrated by others, it is usually not installed,
and just poses another small obstacle on the path to get autoconf installed.


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