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Re: Error when using make distcheck

From: Peter Johansson
Subject: Re: Error when using make distcheck
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2013 09:05:57 +1000
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On 11/20/2013 06:45 AM, jerome hamm wrote:

I am trying to pack some software using udev rules, which therefore needs
to copy some files to /lib/udev/rules.d.
When I try and run make distcheck, at the step where it must  install the
files in /lib/udev/rules.d it hopelessly fails because of permission issues.

My rules (leeched from  the upower project) are the following:
udevrules_DATA = \
# UDEV for device permission acces setting
             AS_HELP_STRING([--with-udevrulesdir=DIR], [Directory for udev
             [with_udevrulesdir=$($PKG_CONFIG --variable=udevdir
AC_SUBST([udevrulesdir], [$with_udevrulesdir])

Someone in the #autotools channel told that it should try to copy the files
in a subfolder of the test folder (not the system root).
What I also don't understand is why it doesn't work when I try fakeroot
make distcheck ...
What am I doing wrong?

This sounds more like a question for the automake folks, but have you read this section in the Automake manual:


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